dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

O Starbucks what did you do!!!???

This is one of my favorite places in town, or rather it used to be up 'till last Sunday.  I love to stroll round the Sunday markets in Ghent then go and sit at the upstairs window and watch the World go by whilst enjoying my cup of Earl Grey tea.  Hot!

Last Sunday I was told they would be serving a new brand of tea and would I like to taste it?  Sure.  being an Earl Grey addict I am always willing to try a new brand.

Ugh, what a mistake that was.  Dear Starbucks - Lavender Earl Grey is Lavender Earl Grey and not Earl Grey tea.  And you do not put a 3 gram teabag in a 'Tall' mug.
It tasted NOT NICE.

So for my refill I asked the old brand again, which they no longer had.

Next time I'll go for the Green tea.