woensdag 6 januari 2010

Better World Scones


Enjoying a cup of tea has always been a great comfort and joy to Linda O'Brien Hanley. Having a scone with her tea is an additional treat. When she decided to try to live her life by participating in as little exploitation as possible, she was determined not to give up this cherished experienced. She had to learn a new way to continue her love of baking and how to continue to enjoy the tea experience. This experience motivated her write this book and share what she learned with those whose share the same joys.

This book is for those who love tea and scones and also want to make every choice count toward a better world; comfort with hope. It is written to show how very small choices can make a difference. It does this by including recipes for scones made without dairy or eggs and using fair trade and organic ingredients. This books includes recipes for fifty scones, tips for making the perfect scones and tips for baking without dairy or eggs. A history of tea as well as tips on how to brew tea is also included. Resources for obtaining fair trade and organic ingredients are provided in the back.

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