woensdag 17 maart 2010

Chai Naya

2 cups good-quality Russian vodka
5 to 6 teaspoons fruit-flavoured loose-leaf black tea (try citrus blends, Earl Grey, red fruit blends, apricot, black currant, blackberry, or any other flavour you prefer, but be sure the tea is flavoured with natural flavours or pieces of fruit, not artificial flavourings)
1 or 2 clean, dry, glass bottles or jars with tight-fitting lids

Combine the vodka and tea leaves in the bottle or jar. 
Shake gently a few times, then let the mixture rest at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 24 hours. 
Strain the mixture through a fine mesh tea strainer into the second bottle or jar. Or strain the liquid into a dry bowl, then pour it back into the bottle or jar. 
Do not rinse out the bottle or jar because you don't want to add water to the mixture -- if there are a few errant tea leaves left in the bottle or jar, either remove with a dry tea towel or leave them there and don't worry about it. 
Store the vodka mixture in your freezer; it should last indefinitely (unless you drink it, of course!). 
Serve in small glasses without adding ice.   

Recipe with thanks to www.warmthoftea.com 

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