maandag 12 april 2010

Vanilla Roo Pudding 
1-1/2 cups strong-steeped Strawberry Almond Mint rooibos
1-1/2 cups vanilla-flavoured soy milk, lite or regular
1/4 cup sugar, Sucanat®, or other granulated sweetener
4 rounded Tablespoons cornstarch  
Mix together in a saucepan the rooibos and milk, then stir in the sugar, then the cornstarch, until smooth. Heat the mixture, preferably placing a heat diffuser under the pot (if you don't use one, cook over a lower temperature or it will burn pretty easily). 
Stir very frequently, scraping the solidifying curds from the sides and bottom and mixing them in. 
The mixture will eventually begin to bubble, making the surface look kinda bumpy. 
Keep cooking/stirring. 
As soon as the bubbles begin to break at the surface, the pudding is done. 
Pour the mixture into one big or four to six  smaller serving dishes, and refrigerate until set. 
Note: The amount of sweetener you use, and the type, is up to you -- the milk is already sweetened so you might want to taste the mixture before you add too much.  

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